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Welcome to the section describing the terms of payment of our store. Here you can find information about payment methods, payment currencies, limitations associated with transferring funds, as well as general information about payments.

General information
All payments are made in advance. We send the parcel only after receiving the full prepayment. We also cannot ship orders with cash on delivery.

The currency of our store is British Pound Sterling (GBP). All transactions are made either in this currency or in other currencies at the current exchange rate. If your currency is different from GBP, you will be billed in your country’s currency if applicable. Otherwise, we suggest using USD or EUR.

Payment methods
We accept payments in several ways. The most common method is bank transfer. This is the cheapest and relatively fast way to transfer funds. In terms of time, such a transfer can take from a few seconds to several days, depending on the chosen method of sending funds. Upon receipt of funds to our account, you will receive a confirmation of successful payment.
Another payment method can be one of the international payment systems. This method is also fast, but fees can vary significantly.
We can also accept payment for an order using VISA and MasterCard bank cards. This payment method is the most convenient from the payer’s point of view, but also the most expensive for him. The payment system commission is 7%; the payer also needs to take into account the difference between the real exchange rate and the rate of his bank.

Payment process
The payment process is as follows. First, the buyer places his order on our website and receives confirmation that his order is being processed. After verification, which takes up to 12 hours, we will send payment instructions on how to pay using one of the methods described above. After receiving the payment, we will send the order out to the specified address.

There is a maximum order limit in our store. For “King-size” and “Compact” cigarettes it is 5 cartons for each order. For cigarettes in “Slims” and “Nano slims” formats, this limit is equal to 6 cartons for one parcel. Please note, that no payment instructions will be sent for orders if they exceed the specified limits. If you want to buy a larger quantity, please place several orders.