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Welcome to the privacy page of our store.
Protecting and respecting your privacy is very important to us.
This Policy will help you to understand how we collect and use any personal information. The following is an overview of our Privacy Policy.

What information we collect
Our site uses contact forms in which visitors can leave their personal data (for example, name, address, phone number, email, IP address, etc.) in order to be able to buy our products, request information on products and services, receive support for existing orders. We may also collect other information related to the processing, payment, and dispatch of orders.

How we use personal data
Your personal information can be used to place an order on our website and to contact you in cases where it is necessary (for example, updates regarding the operation of our store, need to change/cancel an order, changes in product prices, new items in stock, etc.) We never use your personal data for activities not related to the operation of our store or activities prohibited by law.

Your personal data and third parties
We never share your personal information without your prior consent with any third parties. Only aggregated and anonymized data can be transmitted to external services (such as Google Analytics) to analyze incoming traffic and improve search engine rankings. You can optionally view the Google Analytics privacy policy on their website.

Storage and deletion of information.
We store all data about all orders for an unlimited period of time. Even if you canceled your order its details will be stored in our database, as this helps both parties in case of a possible dispute. If you do not want your information to be stored with us, please contact our support, and in the absence of any disagreement between both parties, we will delete all information related to you and your order.

Cookie Policy
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are a piece of information downloaded from our website that is stored on your computer or mobile device in order to provide the best user experience (for example, when placing an order, filling in your address once, you do not have to do it again the next time you purchase).
There are two types of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Our site uses both of them. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored in the memory of your browser and are deleted automatically when you close it. This kind of cookie helps to navigate our website, as well as store some temporary information.
Permanent cookies remember your site settings for comfortable work during the next sessions. These cookies expire after a certain period of time.
You can disable the use of cookies on our website in your browser settings. This will not lead to any restrictions on the functionality of the website. By continuing to use the website without disabling cookies in your browser settings, you agree to the cookie policy described above.

By placing your order on our store you acknowledge and agree to this Privacy Policy. If you have questions regarding this Policy, please contact our support team.