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This is a page of the Return Policy of our store. Please read carefully all its points, as it can be very important in case you want to cancel the order for some reason. This Policy applies to the entire website and to all of its subdomains.

Refund policy
Not all shipments can be refunded. If your order is eligible for a refund, then we will transfer the money to you in full in one of the convenient ways. This can be a bank transfer or a transfer using international money transfer systems. See below when the order is eligible for a full refund.

Cancellation of unsent orders
If for some reason you change your mind and want to cancel your order that has not yet been shipped, then you can receive a full refund using one of the methods specified in the paragraph “Refund Policy”. For this, you need to contact us as soon as possible.

Cancellation of orders that have been sent out
If you want to cancel an order that has been sent and is currently on its way to you, then we will not be able to do this, at least until you receive the shipment.

Return of orders received
If you have received an order and wish to return the purchase for any reason, you will be denied a refund. Sending a parcel back carries a high risk of seizure at customs. Therefore, returns are not accepted in our store. Be sure to consider this information before placing your order.

Seizure refunds
If your package is confiscated during customs clearance, you are entitled to a full refund only if your package has been insured. This option is provided on the ordering page and costs an additional £10 for each carton of cigarettes or tobacco sticks. The use of insurance allows you not to worry about the possible loss of money due to the confiscation of items at customs. Uninsured shipments, in case of seizure during customs clearance, are not subject to a full or partial refund. Option “Without insurance” is suitable for those who want to save more and agree to take additional risks.
You can discover the possibility to insure your shipment during the checkout process. You can choose from two options: “Delivery without insurance” and “Add seizure insurance”. Please note, that you may need a letter of seizure from customs to be refunded. But as a rule, we settle the situation before the arrival of such a letter.

By placing your order in our store, you agree to this policy.