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In order not to be mistaken with the size of cigarettes while ordering, take a look at the detailed description of formats.
Cigarette formatsKing size
The standard and most common cigarette format. It is often called regular format. Cigarette length is 84mm, diameter is 7.62mm

These cigarettes have the same length as the King size format, but a smaller diameter (about 6 mm instead of 7.62 mm), which ensures their compactness. The packet is almost 2 times smaller than a standard King Size packet This format is also called queen size.

The 100’s cigarettes have the same diameter as the king-size cigarettes (7.62mm) but are slightly longer (100mm instead of 84mm). This format can also be called super kings. The advantage of these cigarettes is that they contain more tobacco than all other formats.

Super slim
This format is the same length as 100’s cigarettes, but much thinner in diameter (about 5 mm). Basically, this format is represented by an assortment of ladies’ cigarettes like Vogue, EVE, Glamor, and others.

Nano slim
These cigarettes are the same length as the king-size cigarettes, but significantly smaller in diameter (about 5mm). A pack of these cigarettes is two times thinner than a regular pack. These cigarettes can also be considered as women’s size, as well as the format for those who are used to getting a small dose of nicotine per one cigarette.