Fiit REGULAR Sticks for lil SOLID


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3.9 (14 Reviews)
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Weight 1 kg

Heat sticks


IQOS sticks

Fiit Regular Sticks contain tobacco without any additives. This will allow you to enjoy the scent of your favorite dried leaves without being distracted by additional flavors.

Device: lil SOLID
IQOS Compatible: Yes
Aroma: 5/5
Intensity: 3/5
Body: 2/5
3.9 (14 Reviews)

Pay attention

  • Price for 10 packs (200 cigarettes/sticks);
  • Free shipping starts from 5 cartons;
  • King-size and 100's cigarettes are limited to 3-4 units and free shipping is not available for them;
  • The actual product may differ from the image.


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